Spokane International Business Program

The Main Problem

Navigating the challenges of relocation to a new country presents a myriad of hurdles, particularly in the quest for suitable housing. A significant issue arises from the complexities of renting accommodations, as unfamiliarity with local housing markets and rental procedures can leave newly arrived families or individuals vulnerable to exploitation. Language barriers further exacerbate the challenge, making it difficult to communicate effectively with landlords and comprehend lease agreements. Limited access to reliable information about rental options and tenant rights compounds the struggle, leaving newcomers susceptible to unfair rental practices. The financial burden associated with upfront rental costs, coupled with the absence of a credit history in the new country, often creates additional barriers to securing a safe and affordable home. These multifaceted challenges underscore the need for comprehensive support systems to guide and empower newly arrived individuals in their pursuit of stable and suitable housing.

Challenges Faced by New Arrivals

Housing Struggles

Newly arrived Slavs often face challenges in securing affordable and suitable housing, causing initial stress and instability.

Cultural Adjustment

Adapting to a new environment is challenging, especially without supportive community and familiar surroundings.

Financial Burden

The financial strain of relocation can be overwhelming, making it difficult for individuals and families to establish themselves.


Without immediate solutions, these difficulties can lead to stress and instability, hindering the potential for a successful transition.

Our Offer and Problem Avoidance

Affordable Housing

Our initiative centers on providing free or discounted accommodation, alleviating the financial strain of securing a home in a new city.

Cultural Integration Programs

Through community-building initiatives and cultural integration programs, we aim to foster a sense of belonging, helping newcomers adapt seamlessly.

Financial Support Services

Our organization is committed to offering financial counseling and support, guiding new arrivals through the challenges of relocation.

Proactive Measures

By addressing these issues head-on, we aim to prevent the struggles commonly faced by those arriving in a new place.

Advantages for Newly Arrived Individuals

Stable Housing

Free or discounted housing serves as a stable foundation, allowing newcomers to focus on rebuilding their lives.

Community Support

Our welcoming community provides a supportive network, easing the transition and promoting social connections.

Opportunities for Growth

With reduced financial stress, individuals and families can concentrate on personal and professional development, opening doors to new opportunities.


By overcoming initial obstacles, newly arrived individuals become contributors to the broader community, creating a cycle of support and empowerment.

Solving the Problem After Implementation

Long-Term Sustainability

The establishment of a dedicated housing complex ensures a lasting solution to the housing challenges faced by new arrivals.

Integration Programs

Our commitment extends beyond initial support, with ongoing cultural integration programs sustaining a sense of community and aiding long-term success.

Empowering Contributors

Newly arrived individuals, having overcome initial obstacles, become integral contributors to the community, enriching the social fabric.

Societal Impact

Together, we create a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, fostering a spirit of inclusion and shared success.

It All Starts With Us

Your contribution is crucial to realizing this plan and providing a stable foundation for those seeking a new start. By coming together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families, creating a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.