Our Projects

Cultivating Multilingual Futures

Step into the vibrant world of our Spokane International Early Learning Center project, where young minds embark on a journey of linguistic and cultural discovery. This innovative program addresses the challenges faced by children entering a new country, offering a nurturing environment that accelerates language acquisition. Through play and interaction, children become language ambassadors, fostering inclusivity and building bridges between communities. Join us in shaping a future where language is not a barrier but a means of connection and understanding.

Providing Stability and Support

Discover the heart of our Affordable Housing Complex initiative, a haven for newly arrived Slavic families in Spokane. Facing the challenges of relocation, our project aims to alleviate the stress associated with securing suitable housing. By offering free or discounted accommodations, we provide stability and a solid foundation for families to thrive. This project extends beyond housing, empowering individuals to contribute to the community through cultural integration programs and ongoing support. Together, we build not just homes but resilient communities.

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Dreams

Immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial spirit of the Spokane International Business Program. This project is a beacon for aspiring business owners, particularly from the Slavic community, offering guidance in business planning, management, client acquisition, financial assistance, and marketing development. With a focus on job creation, the program aims to empower individuals to not only start successful businesses but also contribute to the economic vibrancy of their new home. Support our mission to build stronger communities, one business at a time, and become a part of the journey toward success and opportunity.