About Ukrainian Closet

Ukrainian Closet is a humanitarian aid project by Spokane Slavic Association. We are a resource center for all refugees and immigrants in Spokane and surrounding areas. We collect clothing and gently used household iterns. Our goal is to assist Ukrainian refugees with their relocation process.
Due to the war in Ukraine 8 million refugees have fled their homeland into welcoming countries. Spokane is leading the way nation wide in humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian refugees that arrived to the USA. We have served thousands of refugees since our work began in March 2022
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How we work

Refugee Humanitarian Aid Resources Center

You can do

Volunteer: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am – 5pm

  • Help sort items (plan for 2 hrs)
  • Help collect organize fundraisers
  • Help with vendor booth at community events
  • Translate and interpret


  • Clothing, shoes toys, home decor, gently used household items, gently used furniture, mattresses (not tears, no unpleasant stains) etc…
  • Money, you can organize a fundraiser to benefit and support our work
  • Spread the work, help us build awareness

Resources that we offer!

  • Notary Service (suggested donation $10)
  • Translate paperwork and Interpret documents
  • BoxTruck: to collect large donations and help refugees move
  • Free clothing, toys, shoes, hygiene products, furniture, mattress and more…
  • Connect refugees with resources and organizations according to their need
  • Assistance with housing
  • Connect willing sponsors with willing refugees for U4U program
  • Connect employers to employee who received their work authorization


While we focus mainly on our work locally, we also work on others projects. We have a similar free clothing store project in Kharkiv, Ukraine that we financially support and inspire with our work here in Spokane. We have a team of volunteers serving in an orphanage that was relocated to Poland. We host resource fairs for refugees and devote countless hours to assisting them with their paperwork and documentation process.


Refugee Orphanage in Poland

We financially support a refugee orphanage camp in Poland. These children lost their orphanage in a explosion and were left without a home. We assisted in relocating these children to Poland and getting them settled with local humanitarian organizations.

Thrive International (Partner)

We partner with Thrive International by working together for the benefit of our local Ukrainian Refugee housing and clothing needs. We assist with their paperwork process and guide them to proper resources and agencies. We hosted the children’s program at their ribbon cutting ceremony.

Donation Truck

Our donation truck works like a busy bee, collecting donations and delivering furniture to the families. We use our box truck for multi purpose, collect furniture, and help refugee families move.

Kharkiv Closet ( Ясна річ )

Ukrainian closet continues to inspire and work in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Local volunteers serve their community by delivering clothing and blankets to surrounding areas in need.

The store is operating, at the moment we are giving away humanitarian aid, clothes and bed linen exclusively for the elderly and relocated refugees.
Despite the constant shelling of Kharkiv, people who came from the occupied regions or from regions where there are constant hostilities feel comfortable here. This is their reality.

They try to help everyone.

We work with volunteers who take care of people who stayed in the city and lost their homes. We deliver to hospitals.


Roller Valley

Zhanna Oberemok owner and operator of Roller Valley founded Ukrainian Closet from her roller rink in Spokane Valley. It all started in March of 2022 when the first refugee families started arriving. She began to collect donations for the families. She gave away all donations that she collected quickly and out grew the 53ft. trailer that was parked alone side off the road and 2 storage containers which Self Storage Solution allowed her to use for the cause. Once Zhanna realized that this is just the beganing of a much bigger migration Ukrainian Closet was born. Zhanna Oberemok serves as the President of Spokane Slavic Association.