What we do?

Our initiatives

Helping all members of the Slavic community improve their life



We will help find the suitable school and learning program for your children



We will provide you with the legal, financial, citizenship and other advice you need



We will help to pick a proper job for you and arrange for legal advice if necessary



We will assist you in finding a house, and help to settle and start you new life

All people are equal!

All people are equal, and no one should feel discriminated against. Nor should one feel frustrated just because they do not know where to start or to seek help. This is why we created the Spokane Slavic Association. Here we are all united and eager to assist and support each other to live a decent life, prosper and know our children are safe and happy.

Is this what you are looking for?

The main domains in which we can give you a helping hand

Health care

There is a wide variety of details to be aware of in the Health Insurance Marketplace, WA, and our network of partners can help understand your eligibility and benefits.

Finance and tax

Understanding the legal system is a daunting task. Submitting incorrect financial info due to a lack of knowledge is frustrating. Ask, to be sure that each step you take is lawful

Legal advice

Regardless of your immigration status, you need to know what are the legal steps you should take to start off on the right foot and avoid any trouble with the law


As a local community, we will find you a suitable temporary or long term place to live, and aid with furnishing and household items provided by our donors


Based on your knowledge of English and other possibilities, we will support you in finding a suitable job or employment program for immigrants


Adults and children alike have education rights. We will help you find the right school for your kids and an immigrant learning center for you

You can help!

We help each other, and you can become part of our community too

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