Spokane Slavic Association — non-profit social and cultural services organization

We founded the Spokane Slavic Association to help those in need find those who can help. Many of us received the assistance we were seeking when we first arrived in the Spokane area, and now we are ready and willing to help others figure things out and start off their journey here on the right foot. Here are some of the domains we can assist you with

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Building Bridges of Support

Become one of us. We are a community. We help each other. Here is how you can make your contribution.


A vibrant Slavic community providing mutual support to members and newcomers


Providing assistance and growing the network of donors, partners, and volunteers


Connecting immigrants and refugees with the assistance they so much need


A growing number of successfully solved issues and families helped

Join us!

Give away

If you have clothes, vehicles, furniture, or other household items that are still in decent condition yet are no more used by you, do good by offering them to our association, while we will quickly allocate them to those in need


If you want to participate, but all you have is a bit of time, you can help by spreading the word, growing the network of partners, or helping immigrants on-site when they need translation or any other form of assistance

Make a donation

When resettling and starting your life from scratch, any help counts. You can make your contribution and help us to raise funds for educational and other programs to aid Slavic immigrants to actively integrate into local society

Every smile counts

Become one of us. We are a community. We help each other. Here is how you can make your contribution.


Get in touch with us and tell us what we can do for you